Importance of Magic Study Part 1

Posted: November 19, 2010 in point of view
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The difference between professional magicians to semi professional or amateur magicians is that professional magicians do magic shows for a living. It’s their bread and butter that make them survive everyday. They may have the same skills but they differ when it comes to financial gain. To read more about this, you can check out Leodini’s post regarding this matter.

This articles does not intend to down throttle anyone, this is just my opinion.

The hard part of being a professional magician especially if he is just starting to do it professionally is learning the ropes of the entertainment biz. As I observed there are ‘magicians’ out there that do magic as a profession by performing at kiddie parties with little knowledge on the artform itself. Yes they can produce a cane out of thin air, a dove out of a torn newspaper and make something float but as I ventured about them, they have little consideration to ‘magic study’.

By ‘magic study’ I mean, the knowledge that you should have gained through years of experience. I was just dismayed that these magicians have been doing magic for quite some time like 10 years or so yet their knowledge is only limited to what prop they have, the knowledge on how to use it.

I’ve talked with these magicians and watched their shows here and there. During one of our talks I asked them about the likes of Dai Vernon, Houdin and the great Houdini who are considered as demigods in magic. To my surprise they don’t even know these people. I even asked about Genii magazine sheesh. I felt like I humiliated them, so I asked about the things they did and the principles underlying the props that they are using. Still, I was dismayed.

I then asked them the magicians that they know and what I got David Blaine, Criss Angel and ‘the chinese’ guy – they were referring to Cyril Takayama and he’s not Chinese. I was a bit furious deep inside me and I asked them about the Magician’s Code and the answer that I got was “Masked Magician”.

Crap! What in the world? Is it that these ‘magicians’ don’t give importance to studying magic or they’re just busy doing shows. Their magic knowledge is only limited to what they have or what they can have, props.

I observed them in one of their shows which they were glad to invite me. It was a kiddie party. While I was watching, I can see the magic ethics being compromised here and there. The magical meaning slowly diminished into thin air. It was as if I was watching someone selling something on TV the difference is it’s a magic prop.

How I wish to at least help these guys have a good start on the importance of knowing your craft more than the props being used for it. Magic is not just skill alone.

I don’t blame these guys for it; maybe they started at the wrong foot. My friend magicians, had the same reaction when they saw these ‘magicians’ perform.

Saddening as it may seem, these are the type of magicians that are performing in your son or daughter’s kiddie party every now and then.

The importance of magic study or magic research should be manifested in a magician the moment he started into the realm of magic. It is an unending process of learning and discovery. Maybe that essence of magic study stopped when these ‘magicians’ got themselves the props that they have.

Magic is an art form that require constant study and enthusiasm to learn the ins and outs of its vague world.


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