Taking care of your props is very important for every seasoned magician. It doesn’t matter how many props you have or how big or small they are, the important thing is that you keep them in tip top shape.

With that, let me tell you about the story of my floating table. Perhaps it is one of my earliest expensive prop that I bought from a local magic shop. It looked nice and it could be very useful for a big show that I and my group will be doing, so I bought it without any hesitation. It was really a great piece and using it on stage was great.

After the show, I stored the table in our magic pod or what my group calls “Demaguz Bar and Cafe” Yes, we had a commercial magic place once but that’s a different story. I stored it there thinking that it would be safe. To my dismay, the table got broken into pieces.

Moral of the story, take care of your magic props even if you’re not using them that much, you’ll never know when you’ll need it again. Learning from that, I present to you 4 tips to take care of your magic prop.

#1 Have a good storage area

A storage area or a small space in a room could be a big help when it comes to taking care of your magic prop unless you have mega illusions like David Copperfield. By then you’ll be needing a warehouse for those. Make sure that your storage area is free from pests, rodents and even small children. Important thing is, you clean your storage area from time to time just to make sure that your props is free from dust and rust.

#2 Have a sturdy storage box

Despite how durable your prop is, it would be assuring on your part to have a good box for it. Not only will it protect your prop against dust, pest or rodents but it will also protect it from accidental thuds. Of course, the size of the box will depend on the size of your prop. An important thing when it comes to boxes though is that it would be better if you’ll write what’s inside the box just to save you time from opening all the boxes whenever you’re looking for a specific prop.

#3 Check your props from time to time

Having routine check-up on your magic props would help you make sure that they’re still in shape even if they’re stored centuries ago. This would also give you time to device new concepts to be included in your act.

#4 Clean and Polish your props

This is basic maintenance. Just because you’re through with a prop, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on taking care of it. This is a must if you’re using props that have metal in them. For big props just like the arm chopper for example, make sure that you protect it from rust just to keep the blade sharp, you know what I mean. 🙂

I hope this tips can help you take care of your props and prolong their lifespan or usability for centuries!


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