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When I knew that Dan Sperry will be going to Australia for a show, I checked out some details about it. What I stumbled upon is just jaw dropping! Just imagine 7 great magicians from different genre of magic all put into one big show! The show will run for 2 hours with 20 minutes interval at the Sydney Opera House, Australia.

How I wish I could be there to watch it!

From the Sydney Opera House Home Page :

“Get ready to be blown away by the biggest, boldest and most spectacular magic show ever to be staged in Australia!

The illusionists is a world first. 7 of the greatest magicians on the planet are coming together for the first time, bringing with them the very best of their individual acts and a whole team of magical assistants. The result is (more…)


Those Japanese never fail to amaze me. One of the latest Jap mania is the Japanese virtual pop stars. Yes, you read it right – VIRTUAL POP STARS. But these pop stars are not being seen on TV alone but in real life, in a real environment, on a real stage and infront of real people.

This technology came from the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion which was developed by John Henry Pepper in the 1860’s. The Pepper’s Ghost technique uses a plate glass and other lightning apparatus in order to make an object appear or disappear and even make it turn into something else. This technique was used by magicians and seance performers during the olden days as if to manifest a wandering spirit. Today it is commonly used by horror houses like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The Japanese did a lot of thinking about this idea (more…)