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Have you ever been at a point wherein you wanted to try something new, something that you’ve been practicing for gruesome hours  in the four corners of your room in front of the mirror and when the moment comes to test it to an unsuspecting group spectators, you just got rejected?

Being rejected is a bad feeling, in fact it is very awkward not only to magicians but to everybody else as well.

Even famous magicians get their share of rejections such as David Blaine, Criss Angel, Alonzo to name a few. Every close up magician has been in that uncomfortable situation.

Yes, you may try your newest trick to your friends and relatives but there is something unique about trying it to strangers. You will be able to feel that eagerness, the nervousness, the anxiety, the hype whenever you try it to people that you don’t know. My point of advice is that, just make sure that you’ve practiced the trick and studied it a million of times before you head out there. (more…)